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Briars_Eng-35You may have heard of Briars Engravers if you shop in Wigtown. Or the Trophy Boss if you shop online. But here you can find out about the man behind both – Ian.

Ian’s story is one of making the most of when unpleasant things happen. In Ian’s case he lost his balance, his driving licence and then his job. But not one for sitting idle, he looked for something he could do. And it turned out engraving was his thing.

Fast forward five years. Ian can walk and drive again. He still has bilateral vistubula hypofunction (no balance). But if he gets wobbly he’ll count backwards in threes from one hundred. Try it – takes concentration, doesn’t it? So much concentration that it confuses Ian’s brain and stops him falling over. Strange but true.

And here’s something else that’s strange but true. Ian once took two full days to engrave the back of a watch. Well, it was £17,000 of Victorian Rolex. That’s how much his customers trust him. They also trust his skills and dexterity with more unusual engraving jobs too – like putting the face of a favourite pet onto the crankshaft of a motorcycle.Briars_Eng-60

But as Ian says, if it’s harder than leather – we’ll have a go at engraving it.

So now you know a bit about Ian at Briars Engravers or the Trophy Boss if you shop online. And it comes with a challenge. Because if you’re giving a gift that’s harder than leather and you want to personalise it with a favourite quote, poem or saying – even an image, ask Ian. You might be surprised by what he can do.

Do you have an engraving job in mind? Call 01988 402287 and talk to Ian, he’ll walk you through the process.

Or come into the shop on N Main Street, Wigtown where engraving, with good ol’ fashion customer service is what we do.

Trophies and engraving? Just ask the Boss.

Trophy Boss offer a huge selection of trophies, medals, cups and gifts. As well as a wide variety of other awards – all with personalisation options and available online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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